KNM-ER 812

Koobi Fora Area 104
Specimen number:
KNM-ER 812
3.98, 36.32
Date min:
1,770,000 Bp
Date max:
1,780,000 Bp
Paranthropus, Paranthropus boisei
Time periods:
Calabrian, Pleistocene

KNM-ER 812 is a mandible fragment attributed to a juvenile Paranthropus boisei. The heavily eroded fragment retains some parts of the retained roots of the deciduous canine and first and second deciduous molars remain preserved occlusally, all the crowns of these teeth have been lost [1][2].  It has a stratigraphical position of 4m beneath the base of A2 in Area 104 of Koobi Fora and is dated to ~1.78 Ma [3].


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