KNM-ER 6128

Koobi Fora Area 104
Specimen number:
KNM-ER 6128
3.98, 36.32
Date min:
1,770,000 Bp
Date max:
1,780,000 Bp
Paranthropus, Paranthropus boisei
Time periods:
Calabrian, Pleistocene

KNM-ER 6128 is a right upper premolar, probably P³ classified, as from a Paranthropus boisei. There is some damage to the tips of the cusps, but this appears to be post-mortem. The roots are nearly fully developed but not quite closed, and it is likely that this tooth was in the process of erupting [1]. It was found in Area 104 of Koobi Fora, 4m below the A2 marker and is  dated to ~1.78 Ma [2][3].


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