KNM-ER 3886

Koobi Fora Area 104
Specimen number:
KNM-ER 3886
3.98, 36.32
Date min:
1,770,000 Bp
Date max:
1,780,000 Bp
Paranthropus, Paranthropus boisei
Time periods:
Calabrian, Pleistocene

KNM-ER 3886 is an isolated left upper deciduous second molar attributed to Paranthropus boisei. It has the very high division of the roots and the extreme palatal projection of the lingual root which characterizes deciduous molars [1]. It was found in Area 104 of Koobi Fora at 4m below the A2 marker and is dated to ~1.78 Ma [2][3].


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