Afontova Gora 2

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Afontova Gora II
56.02, 92.73
Date min:
17,000 Bp
Date max:
17,000 Bp
Time periods:
Tarantian, Pleistocene

The human fossil remains of Afontova Gora 2 were discovered in the 1920s at Afontova Gora II and stored at the Hermitage Museum. The remains are dated to around 17,000 BP (16,930-16,490 BP).

In 2009, researchers visited the Hermitage Museum and extracted DNA from the humerus of Afontova Gora 2. Despite significant contamination, researchers succeeded in extracting low-coverage genomes. DNA analysis confirmed that the individual was male.

The individual showed close genetic affinities to Mal'ta 1 (Mal'ta boy). Afontova Gora 2 also showed a greater genetic affinity for the Karitiana people than for the Han Chinese. Around 1.9-2.7% of the genome was Neanderthal in origin.