Cooper's Ferry
Specimen number:
45.9, -116.39
Date min:
13,115 Bp
Date max:
13,300 Bp
Homo, Homo sapiens
Time periods:
Tarantian, Pleistocene

73-626 is a stemmed projectile point discovered in pit feature A2 (PFA2), Area A at Cooper’s Ferry site in Idaho [1][2].


The 73-626 stemmed projectile point is made from cryptocrystalline silicate and weighs 5.8 g. It has a maximum length of 65.2 mm, a maximum width of 18.9 mm, and a maximum thickness of 4.9 mm. It has been AMS radiocarbon dated to 13,300-13,115 cal BP. Its stem has slightly contracting straight-sided margins with an irregular, slanted base. An oblique, moderately defined shoulder with slight earing seen on one side only extends up to a regular convex blade that tapers toward a sharp tip. The other side lacks a well-defined shoulder, and the blade margin is angled but nearly straight, tapering sharply near the tip. Flaking is invasive with a weakly developed collateral pattern. Secondary removal of small flakes can be seen along the margins  [1][2].


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