Swan Point Archaeological Site

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64.14, -147.15
United States of America
Date range max:
14,000 Bp
Date range min:
11,010 Bp

The Swan Point Archeological Site is located in eastern central Alaska, in the Tanana River watershed. It is one of a collection of sites in the area that have yielded the oldest evidence of human habitation in the state, in addition to megafauna no longer found in Alaska, such as wapiti (elk), bison, and woolly mammoth. Finds co-located with human artifacts at the site have given radiocarbon dates of 14,000 years, indicating the site was occupied around 12,000 BCE.

Swan Point has been occupied at least six times since ca 14,500 cal yr B.P. with evidence of charcoal that has been radiocarbon dated to approximately 14,000 B.P. The charcoal dating makes this the oldest known site in the Tanana River Valley.