Siega Verde

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Site type:
Open air
Site function:
Decor cave
40.69, -6.66

Iberian Palaeolithic art has one of its main and best exponents in the open-air archaeological site of Siega Verde in the province of Salamanca (Spain). Located in the districts of Serranillo (Villar de la Yegua), where the interpretation classroom and much of the rock enclave are located, Martillán (Villar de Argañán), and Castillejo de Martín Viejo.

more than 500 zoomorphic and non-figurative figurative engravings or abstract signs of the Upper Palaeolithic have been cataloged from both the Gravettian/Solutrean period (20,000 years bp) and the Magdalenian and Magdalene-Azilian period (17,000-9,000 years bp); in 96 panels, along 1 km.