Pindal Cave

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The Pindal Cave is a prehistoric cave in northern Spain, located near the town of Pimiango (council of Ribadedeva), in the extreme east of the Principality of Asturias. It has a linear floor in which two sectors are distinguished: the eastern, open to the public, and the western, with restricted access. This cave has some cave paintings known since 1908. It has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage since July 2008, within the set "Cave of Altamira and Palaeolithic rock art of the Cantabrian Coast". In addition, it has been declared an asset of cultural interest (RI-51-0000271) since April 25, 1924.

Most of the representations are located on the panels on the right of the cave. The existence of 13 bison, 8 horses, a doe, a deer, isolated antlers, a mammoth, and other unrecognizable figures have been documented in different investigations.

There are also abundant red signs such as dots, strokes, parallel strokes, and claviform figures.