Neve David

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Neve David is an Epipalaeolithic archaeological site located at the foot of the western slope of the Mount Carmel hills in northern Israel. It was inhabited in the later part of the Middle Epipalaeolithic, about 15,000–13,000 BC.

Today, the Neve David site is just about 1 km (0.62 mi) from the Mediterranean coastline, but in the final Pleistocene, it was 10–13 km (6.2–8.1 mi) from the shore, overlooking a broad coastal plain. It was thus situated at an ecotone, the boundary between two contrasting ecological zones, with the seasonally dry valleys of the Mount Carmel limestone massif to its east, and the Mediterranean coastal plain to its west. Such locations with access to two complementing ecological resources were favoured by many Epipaleolithic and Neolithic communities.