Grotte du Loup (Arcy-sur-Cure)

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Habitation site
47.59, 3.76

The Grotte du Loup is one of the cavities of the site of the caves of Arcy-sur-Cure, between Auxerre and Avallon in the Yonne, in Burgundy, administrative region Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, France.

It presents the transition from the Middle Paleolithic to the Upper Paleolithic.

According to A. Leroi-Gourhan, its main interest lies in its filling presents the transition between the Middle Paleolithic and the Upper Paleolithic.

The lower level of layer IVLG1 10 delivered the first human remains found some 100 years after the famous discovery by de Vibraye in 1859 of the mandible of the cave of the Fairies. A molar, two incisors, and two highly corroded cranial vault fragments were discovered in a space of about 100 x 50 cm between the blocks of the overlying layer III, on the west side of the cave. The position of some flints and other debris near these bones, suggests a possible burial or deposit in a cavity.