Grotte des Merveille

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Decor cave
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The Grotte des Merveilles is an ornate Paleolithic cave located on the territory of the commune of Rocamadour, in the Quercy department of France and the Lot department, in the Occitanie region.

The entrance quickly opens into a large oval room 45 meters long, 25 meters wide, and less than 3 meters high. This room is naturally adorned with many concretions and gourds.

The wall of a recess near the entrance is covered with schematic or realistic representations including six negative hands associated with punctuations, six horses, a deer, and a feline. These representations are engraved or painted in red or black.

The works of the Grotte des Merveilles have been compared to the ancient phase of Paleolithic art in Quercy such as those of Cougnac, Pech Merle, and Fieux. Their age is estimated at more than 20,000 years (Upper Paleolithic).