Grotte de la Bonne-Femme

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The Grotte de la Bonne-Femme is a cave located on the northern slope of Mont de Cordon, in the commune of Murs-et-Gélignieux, in the Ain department, near the hamlet of Cuchet. It was initially located in the commune of Brégnier-Cordon. She delivered lithic tools from the Upper Paleolithic.

Excavated in 1884 and then in 1910 by Joseph Tournier, the cave of the Good Woman revealed an occupation of the Upper Paleolithic (Magdalenian), with two hearths separated by an interval of 40 cm. More than a thousand flints have been discovered, including slats with broken edges, Gravettian points, and a Teyjat point. These objects are mainly kept at the Grand Séminaire de Belley.