Grotte Chabot

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Habitation site, Decor cave
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The Chabot cave, also called the Jean-Louis cave or the mammoth cave, is a decorated cave from the Upper Palaeolithic located on the territory of the commune of Aiguèze, in Bas-Vivarais and the department of Gard.

Several datings have been carried out for the cave. Performed on bones and burned bones, they gave results between 22,000 and 20,000 years BP, as well as a date of 12,000 years BP. The latter is considered incoherent and polluted by the use of the cave as a sheepfold. According to specialists, these dates are somewhat recent compared to the finds, but the oldest dates remain within the local range attributed to the Lower Solutrean.

Finally, these datings are those of an occupation and could not be attached to the parietal engravings. It is reasonable to think that they are contemporaneous with the occupation, but this fact is not certain.