Fritsch Shelter

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The Fritsch shelter, which is part of the Roches site with the Charbonnier shelter, is a rock shelter in the town of Pouligny-Saint-Pierre in Indre, Center-Val de Loire region, France.

Its lithic industry served as a basis for Allain (1967) to define and carry out the technological, typological, and cultural analysis of the Badegoulian.

The Abri Fritsch and the Abri Charbonnier are two fundamental and complementary sites for the study of the second part of the Upper Palaeolithic.

Several datings have been carried out. The first, made by Georgette Delibrias and Jacques Évin on a piece of carbonized bone (exhibit no GRN 5499) from layer 8d, gives 19,280 ± 230 years AP, and has been taken up by several authors (including Pérez & Jorda Cerda 1976). Between 1974 and 1980, Évin carried out further dating on bone collagen from higher levels.