Daisy Cave

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Habitation site
34.04, -120.32
United States of America
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Daisy Cave, also known as CA-SMI-261, is an archeological site located on San Miguel Island in California. San Miguel Island is the westernmost island in a larger island chain dubbed the Channel Islands. The island sits between the Santa Barbara Channel and the Pacific Ocean and is often notably battered by winds all year round, but the Daisy Cave itself provides solace from the weather and has served as an effective shelter time and time again. The cave appears to have multiple archaeological deposits, in which artifacts ranging from the "terminal Pleistocene to the present." San Miguel was once part of a larger 'Superisland,' connected with Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz and Anacapa to make up Santarosae. Santarosae existed as the 'superisland' until as recent as 10,000 years ago, with some estimation.