Aven de Marillac

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Site function:
Habitation site
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The Aven de Marillac is a prehistoric site located in the commune of Marillac-le-Franc, Charente. Archaeological excavations have uncovered a Middle Paleolithic site containing Neanderthal fossils and Mousterian lithic remains.

The stratigraphy, presented by Bernard Vandermeersch in 1987, consists of 12 layers.

The aven was filled in 32,000 years ago and the occupation of the site then ceased.

A human mandible was found during the first excavation by Pierre David.

Bernard Vandermeersch discovered in 1987 teeth, a fragment of parietal bone, and part of a skull cap belonging to an adult Neanderthal. The occipital bone has scratching incisions that can be attached to secondary burial practices.

Bruno Maureille and Alan Mann have unearthed other fragmentary remains that have been studied at the anthropology laboratory of the University of Bordeaux I.