Abri du Facteur

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44.97, 1.05

Abri du Facteur, is a rock shelter and a prehistoric site of the Upper Paleolithic, located in the commune of Tursac, in the valley of the Vézère, Dordogne, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

The excavations have yielded many lithic remains dated to the Aurignacian and Gravettian. The Aurignacian lithic industry is mainly represented by scrapers and retouched blades. It is completed by a few notched and denticulated parts and a small number of chisels. The Aurignacian levels also delivered a bone industry. The Gravettian lithic industry is characterized by a very large number of chisels, many retouched pieces, including scrapers, and some backslashes.

A Paleolithic Venus, called "Venus de Tursac", was discovered in the Gravettian levels in 1959. Shaped in a calcite pebble, it is 8 cm high and devoid of head, with a stylized shape typical of this period.