Abri du Blot

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Habitation site
45.14, 3.46

The Abri du Blot is a prehistoric rock shelter located in the commune of Cerzat, Haute-Loire, in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

He delivered successive occupations dated to the Upper Paleolithic: Recent Gravettian, Final Gravettian (Proto-Magdalenian), Badegulian, and Magdalenian.

The site presents a stratigraphy showing the succession of seasonal habitats of the Gravettian (around 22,000 years BP), the Proto-Magdalenian (around 20,000 years BP), Badegulian (about 18,000 years BP), and the Late Magdalenian (about 13,000 years BP) and terminal (about 11,000 years BP).

According to V. Delvigne et al. (2019), it is no longer a question of "ancient Magdalenian" but of Badegoulien.