About Gignos Inc.

Gignos Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, run by a group of like minded Anthropologists, Researchers, and Software Developers.


We’ve been building the Gignos platform and Research Portal over the past 18 months. We are getting ready to build the next phase of the website and we need your support to ensure the success of the project and set Gignos up to be a sustainable platform for years to come.

If you'd like to help by donating to our Research efforts please checkout our donation portal. All donations are tax deductible in the United States. Each donor will receive a receipt from Gignos Inc.

Fundraising Goals

  • Raise $150K to fund the launch of Gignos
  • Expand dev team to finish the public website
  • Fund more Researchers to curate the catalog
  • Establish partnerships with Research Institutions


Winter 2021

We started the year off by identifying our partnerships for development and design.

  • Identified gotoinc based in Ukraine as development partner.
  • Identified Designer to create the UI and UX for the the public website

Spring 2021

  • Kicked off development, moved proof of concept site to AWS
  • Added Users and Regions to data model
  • Designed Style Guide, Home Page, Map UI, Search and Filters, Entity Page
Gignos Admin Tool

Summer 2021

  • Development team added Search and Filters capabilities
  • Designed Sources and Bibliography UI, Category Pages and Marketing Pages
Gignos Home

Fall 2021

  • Hired first Research Lead
  • Began Content Management Tool user acceptance testing
  • Developed Version History and Source/Bibliography Model
  • Designed Responsive UI
Gignos iPad

Winter 2022

  • Research requirements for model updates to Sites, Specimens etc.
  • Began Content creation and curation of the Top 10 sites
  • Developed Media Items and Media Collections
Gignos Mobile

Spring 2022

Milestones Targeted

  • Launch Crowdfund and Donations Site
  • Complete model and CMS tool requirements
  • Complete curation of Top 10 sites and all affiliated topic research with sources
  • Identify initial research institution partnerships for first crowdfund campaign
  • Developed People entity and Source relationships
  • Add video source integration
  • Admin tool UX fixes and polish
Gignos Partnerships

Beyond Spring 2022

Milestones Targeted

  • Crowdfunding votes will nominate research on the next ten Sites
  • Partner with additional researchers to increase velocity of content curation
  • Fund partnership institutions on specialized research - Stretch goal contingent on funding
  • Continued UX polish and bug fixes for Admin Tool
  • Launch public site with top 10 sites
  • Continue feature development
Gignos Platforms

Please donate to Gignos to help us in our mission to better understand our Human Origins.